"I no longer need to wear glasses."

In 1991, through a routine eye exam, I discovered I was nearsighted.

I had to start wearing glasses to drive a car, go to a movie or watch a sporting event.

A few years later, I got married. 

My husband was into health and nutrition, so I started juicing with him and taking a supplement called BarleyLife.

Then one morning while getting ready for work, I put on my glasses. Everything was blurry. 

I thought my eyesight had gotten worse

When I took off my glasses, however, I could perfectly see.

So I no longer needed to wear glasses. 

Like Most People, I'm Not A Health Nut

Over the years I stopped juicing and taking BarleyLife. (I'm not crazy about the way they taste.)

Then I noticed I had to keep increasing the screen size on my computer.

I also had trouble seeing the channel guide on the TV.

And it made me nervous to drive at night.  

One day while at the grocery store, I bought a pair of reading glasses.

I hated wearing them, but I needed help to see. (I did not want to go back to the eye doctor.)

So I decided to start taking BarleyLife  and JustCarrots again.

I'm not exactly sure how long it took, but I noticed my eyesight was getting better again.

Now I don't have to increase the screen size on my computer and I can see when I'm driving at night. 

I'm so glad I no longer need to wear reading glasses!

What if it works for you the way it has for me?

P.S. As they get older, most people have to get a stronger prescription for their glasses.

So why did my eyesight get better?

Concentrated nutrition.

When your cells need to make repairs, they need something to work with - nutrition. Otherwise, slowly but surely, you'll begin to deteriorate.

That's why it's important for you to get the right nutrition, every single day.

It's better than having to wear reading glasses, don't you think?

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