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Are You AIMing for Weight Loss?

When you are overweight, losing pounds is an achievable goal, especially when you understand how pounds are gained and lost.

AIM can help put you on the right track.

Sign into your membership at and select Weight Loss under Member Tools.

You'll see where you are regarding important measurements. You can calculate both your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and Body Mass Index (BMI).

Your BMR gives you a good idea of how many calories your body would burn if you stayed in bed all day.

Consume more than this amount and you gain weight. Consume less and you lose the poundage.

Calculating your BMI provides a general measurement of your body fat based on your height and weight.

It's jam-packed with concise advice, tasty smoothie recipes and references to specific AIM products, including the Weight Loss Pack, which is a healthy way for you to achieve your weight loss goal.