The Barley in BarleyLife

When most people think of barley, it's the grain that comes to mind, especially as the cereal grain you also find in soups and stews.

It's yummy, but it isn't something you'll find in BarleyLife.

That's because the "Life" in BarleyLife refers to young, gluten-free barley plants when they are at their greenest and most nutritious, long before the plants even begin to sprout grains.

These nutrient-packed blades of barley grass are harvested in the chill of the night and speedily turned into a leaf juice powder that captures all of the nutrients minus the fiber, for a very good reason.

Let's face it; unlike animals grazing in a field, people cannot break down the type of fiber that contains the nutrients in grass, a primary food source that keeps livestock strong and healthy.

The powder that is BarleyLife is how The AIM Companies taps into this green nutrition and making it available to people, also for a very good reason: to help them improve and maintain good health.

That's the well-being result of making these unique greens a daily part of your nutritional intake.

And since AIM is not in the retail business, independent distributors of AIM products such as BarleyLife have the opportunity to earn an income by sharing its benefits with others.

P.S. BarleyLife is for people who believe nutrition matters.

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