ReAssure SP for Prostate Health

As part of the aging process, men who are middle-aged and older may go through hormonal changes that can result in enlargement of their prostate.

This is a condition called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

As the prostate enlarges, the urethra compresses, affecting urinary flow in a number of ways, including intermittent stream, increased frequency and incontinence.

Fortunately, there is ReAssure SP, a natural health product that can help prevent or relieve BPH symptoms.

Its effective combination of saw palmetto berry oil extract, pumpkin seed oil, zinc citrate and lycopene helps contribute to prostate health.

To experience all benefits of this formulation, ReAssure SP should be taken for at least for three months.

P.S. ReAssure SP is a natural, effective formula for maintaining prostate health.

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