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BarleyLife® is Now Gluten-Free

The AIM Companies™ is excited to announce all BarleyLife® 360 gram (family size) and BarleyLife® 180 gram (convenience size) canisters are AIM certified gluten-free.

How does AIM achieve gluten-free BarleyLife®?

It starts in the field.

BarleyLife® growing conditions and harvesting methods were carefully analyzed and refined to minimize the possibility of gluten in the finished powder.

Then over the past year, AIM began rigorously testing all BarleyLife® for gluten content. The test results were conclusive - BarleyLife® consistently achieved the gluten-free standard of less than 20 ppm.

And from now on, we will test every batch of BarleyLife® to confirm it meets the gluten-free standard.

Don't forget, BarleyLife® is also certified kosher, vegan and non-GMO.

A gluten-free symbol will soon be added to all 360-gram and 180-gram canisters and eventually to labels in the coming months.

But you can go ahead and tell your customers and prospects the great news today.

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