"I have energy to keep up with my four adult children and nine grandchildren. I feel wonderful!"

"I really expected to be dead by now. By all rights, I should be pushing up daises.

Twenty years ago, I had a long list of serious ailments. It was so bad my family considered getting me a full-time nurse.

I hoped for some sort of a normal life for whatever time I had left.

By the time I was seventy-five years old, I had several degenerative diseases that accompany advanced years.

I had osteoporosis in my spine, which compressed two and a half inches in two painful places.

Conventional hormone therapy eased the pain, but brought on hypothyroidism, fibrocystic breast disease and my hair fell out alarmingly.

My skin and nails dried up and fatigue sapped my energy. My finger joints locked up and gradually, I lost bladder control and had to use Depends.

Since my muscles cramped at night, I had trouble sleeping.

Then one day a friend educated me about health and nutrition. So I decided to take charge of my health.

I changed my diet, started juicing and added BarleyLife to my daily routine.

When I made the changes, my energy returned in a week.

Within four days my muscles stopped cramping at night. My joints stopped locking up and I could squat again.

After three months, I lost twenty pounds and my bladder control returned.

When I began a different hormone therapy, using natural progesterone, the breast disease simply went away!

Most thrilling was the new bone density test reported no osteoporosis in the hip or in the spine! Bone density had increased.

My hypothyroid condition normalized. New growth thickened my hair with brown hair again, due to the natural progesterone supplement, which also keeps me from having hot flashes at night.

I now have a new body! I have new bones, new organs, new joints and new skin and hair. I have energy and endurance that enables me to keep up with my four children and nine grandchildren.

Yes, it took two years but gradually, I turned my health around - and never did get that nurse.

But what about you?

Being sick and tired is not the natural process to getting older. Once we understand the principle of cell health, the whole concept of disease prevention and cure makes sense.

Doctors are wonderful for emergencies, but they can’t go home with us and monitor our eating, exercise and bad eliminate habits.

We are responsible for our own health and now, at last, we can really do something about it. Hooray!

Think about taking charge of your own health. You’ll be glad you did.

Your health experience can radically change for the better. God bless you on your health journey.

To your good health,

Janice Gravely

Update: On December 20, 2020, Janice Gravely peacefully passed away in her home. 

Twenty-five years after she turned her health around, Mrs. Gravely went to be with the Lord. 

She was 99 years old.

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