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"I cannot explain how this pain went away. I am dumbfounded. It was nothing short of a miracle!"

"I've had a lot of pain for the last eighteen years, first with fibromyalgia, which I claim to no longer have for the past six years.

Since then, however, I have been left with the pain of arthritis. My hips and sciatic nerve have been the most problematic.

The debilitating pain was 24/7.

Barbara Bird introduced me to The AIM Companies, but I decided to do some research before becoming a Member.

I discovered that AIM provides an incredible support system, including a wealth of online information, webinars and teleclasses.

And I familiarized myself with AIM’s incredible nutrition.

I started taking AIM products in July 2016.

Herbal Fiberblend cleansed my body and ended chronic constipation.

The Garden Trio gave me extraordinary nutrition and increased my energy levels.

AIMega gave me the essential omegas that I really needed.

Frame Essentials helped with adjusting from aches to wellness.

I no longer haven to take my pharmaceutical medication, but I do have tolerable lingering aches and pains, depending on my activities.

As well, Barbara Bird gifted me with Mag-nificence spray, but I did not use it right away. When I asked if it would help, she said, ’By all means, merrily use it!’

I told my husband I thought I would try it and sprayed Mag-nificence on my body where it was aching. I cannot explain how this pain went away. I am dumbfounded.

It was nothing short of a miracle!

In five days Mag-nificence relieved what two years of physio was unsuccessfully trying to do. My typing finger is as good as it is going to get, and the pain in my sciatic nerve is at 0.5 percent, literally unreal!

I am so thankful. Now I know that every day I can start with sprays and reach for it when I get a flare-up. Mag-nificence is amazing." - Marilyn Rough, London, Ontario

P.S. Do you believe nutrition matters? Do you believe it make a difference in your health?

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Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve. Nutritional supplements from The AIM Companies™ are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Results may vary per person.