"My back pain almost vanished as though it had never existed."

"I've had chronic back pain since I was fourteen. My doctor couldn't figure out what was wrong.

According to the X-ray, my spine wasn't straight and certain joints were out of alignment.

I believe it was because of lack of sleep and heavy schoolwork during my younger days. My body was not able to grow properly, so the damage was permanent.

I could only sleep on the floor, not on a soft mattress. Sleeping on a cold floor isn't healthy and I rarely had a good night's sleep.

But if I tried to sleep on a mattress, my back would begin to hurt again. This went on for twenty years.

In 2015, I returned to Taiwan to help my family. I injured my back carrying a heavy table across a hallway and then down the stairs into the basement. I could not stand up straight without feeling pain.

A visit to the doctor didn't help much.

After a few months, there was some improvement, but on a hot summer night the pain came back after exercising. This time the severe pain lasted more than three months, feeling like thousands of tiny, broken pieces of glass inside my back.

Lack of sleep and being unable to stand or walk led to an overwhelming amount of tears and frustration. I was ready to give up, accepting that I might be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life, and I hadn't even turned forty.

In September, I returned to New York, where the cold temperature made my back feel a bit better. This was the time I heard of Dr. Yu-Shiaw Chen and her story about back pain from lifting a baby.

Having been a loyal user of AIM products for more than a decade, I did not hesitate to follow her advice and took CalciAIM and Frame Essentials and applied Cell Wellness Restorer lotion nightly before sleeping.

By the second week, I experienced unbelievable change. My back pain almost vanished as though it had never existed. I was able to do the things I had struggled with in the past. And now I can sleep soundly on a mattress and awaken refreshed and energized.

For me, this is a life-changing miracle. It has given me a new beginning on my life journey, all thanks to Dr. Chen, AIM products and the power of nutrition." - Samuel Wu, New York

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