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Brown Recluse Spider Bite Quickly Heals With No Scarring

"Several years back, my husband Wayne was bitten on the finger by a brown recluse spider. It healed up almost instantly after I started giving him BarleyLife and vitamin C every couple of hours.

His finger had turned black and he had red streaks running up his arm after getting bitten by the spider. He was running a high temperature and the pain in his finger was so great he could hardly stand it.

His doctor told him that he might lose the finger and at best he would have a deep hole in it.

In just three days of taking AIM's barley powder about every two to three hours, his finger was pain-free with no hole. The color of the finger had turned from black to a light pink.

The doctor could not believe what he saw because he knew that the venom from the spider destroyed the cell walls.

Wayne now has a hard time remembering which finger was involved - no scars, no pain and no loss of movement. The AIM Companies has such great products." - Sandy Combs, DeBary, Florida

P.S. BarleyLife is a nutritious green powder made from young barley grass. To learn more about BarleyLife, Click Here.

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