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How Can a Chocolate Drink be so Healthy?

Can great nutrition really taste this good?

The answer is a resounding, "Yes!"

Typically, chocolate is associated with the opposite of a healthy diet. But it is a different story with CoCoa LeafGreens®.

Boosted by a potent blend of barley, spinach, faba bean, and field pea - plus broccoli sprouts - CoCoa LeafGreens® stacks up with the best healthy drinks around.

The basis of CoCoa LeafGreens® is the original LeafGreens®; two tablespoons of CoCoa LeafGreens® equals the amount of nutrition in one tablespoon of traditional LeafGreens®.

Cocoa May Boost Brain Function In Seniors

According to a recent study, two cups of cocoa a day helped older people significantly improve their cognition and blood flow to the brain.

CoCoa LeafGreens® contains a triple-chocolate blend of organic cacao powder, organic cocoa powder and alkalized cocoa.

A Daily Serving (2 rounded tsp.) of Cocoa LeafGreens® contains:
  • More iron than 12 cups of raw spinach 
  • More sulforaphane than 16 cups of raw broccoli 
  • More Vitamin K than 14 cups of raw iceberg lettuce 
  • More of the phytonutrient Kaempferol than 38 cups of raw asparagus 
  • More beta carotene than 6 raw green bell peppers
To learn more about Cocoa LeafGreens®, Click Here.

P.S. Sulforaphane is a powerful phytonutrient (plant medicine) that can stimulate your body's natural liver enzyme detoxification system, prevent ulcers and fight the progression of many cancers.

And it is found in Cocoa LeafGreens®.

To find out more about this great tasting drink for kids and adults, Click Here.

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