Pain and Swelling From Wasp Sting Immediately Subsided

"I was working in my yard one day when I reached into the flowerbed to pull out some dead leaves and I accidentally disturbed a wasp's nest.

The angry wasps attacked my hand and I had several wasp bites. My hand began to throb with pain and started to swell.

I went running into the house and asked my husband, Pete (the skeptic veterinarian), to get a bottle of Cell Wellness Restorer. 

We stood at the sink and as Pete poured it over my hand, I rubbed it in and the pain and swelling immediately subsided.

As they say, seeing is believing.

Pete could not doubt what he had just seen with his very own eyes! He made the comment that wasp stings always itch later, but mine never did.

A landscaper was also here working at the time, and after witnessing this, he purchased a bottle of Cell Wellness Restorer!" - Martha Hendry, Mandeville, Louisiana

P.S. Cell Wellness Restorer is a blend of desalinated seawater and other elements essential to the good health of your body, such as magnesium. 

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