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Do You Know Anyone Who Gets Migraines?

If you are a woman, a migraine can be related to hormones. Renewed Balance® has helped several people get migraine relief.

I would also try magnesium Mag-nificence™ lotion or spray, on your temples and back of the neck.

Also, several people have testimonies of migraines going away after a twenty minute soak in Cell Wellness Restorer™, which contains magnesium.

P.S. I’ve also read that CoQ10, which can be found in Cellsparc 360®, increases blood flow to the brain and improves circulation, which might help with headaches.

The ginkgo biloba in GinkgoSense™ enhances cerebral circulation, which can only help with migraines.

I saw another testimony of a young woman who improved tremendously with LeafGreens™, CalciAIM™, Cellsparc 360® and GinkgoSense™.