The Simplicity of BarleyLife

When you read the BarleyLife label, you may notice its simplicity:


  • Juice powder of young barley plants (Hordeum vulgare)
  • Brown rice oligodextrin (Oryza sativa)
  • Kelp (Laminaria digitata)

That’s right, only three ingredients. Because this is all you need to get the finest concentrated greens in the world.

Yes, the world!

There are other not-so-green products in the marketplace that contain everything but the kitchen sink in terms of added ingredients, including medicinal herbs that are often contraindicated when taken with medicine. This complicates the simplicity and purpose of concentrated greens meant to be taken regularly on a daily basis.

This is why AIM keeps BarleyLife simple. The fact is you won’t find more jam-packed nutrients than what is found in the number one ingredient.

The juice powder of young barley plants delivers an amazing array of natural vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, antioxidants, phytonutrients and enzymes that can be taken daily to promote optimal health.

Added to this nutritious wealth is a small amount of whole kelp powder and brown rice oligodextrin, to complete the incredibly effective BarleyLife formula.

Sourced in the wild near Iceland from the Atlantic Ocean, kelp offers vitamin- and mineral-dense food that blends perfectly with barley grass juice. Kelp also provides an essential element for the production of thyroid hormones: iodine, which you only get from dietary intake.

Brown rice has always been a part of the BarleyLife formula, adding even more whole-food nutrients to the mix. By functioning as a buffer between the nutrient molecules and enzymes, oligodextrin ensures the presence of enzymatic activity when you take BarleyLife.

And with barley grass juice powder at the forefront of the formula, BarleyLife delivers the alkalizing and anti-inflammatory functions of natural greens. These properties give you two key benefits that are essential for preventing the onset of disease, maintaining an alkaline body pH and controlling inflammation.

BarleyLife is simplicity that works!