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How Many Fruits and Veggies Do You Need Every Day?

Children two to six years old - 5 servings: 2 fruits, 3 vegetables

Older children, teen girls - 7 servings: 3 fruits, 4 vegetables

Teen boys - 9 servings: 4 fruits, 5 vegetables

Kids who get enough nutrition every day decrease their risk for things like ear aches, allergies, colds and the flu. They also maintain memory function, eyesight, strong bones and more. They tend to do better in school too.

Keep in mind cooking at temperatures over 120 degrees kills much of the nutrition in most foods. Parents are trying to achieve the impossible - maintain the health of their children, while often feeding them food that does not support it.

You may be thinking:

"My kids won’t eat that many fruits and veggies every day."

"I don't like buying them only to see them rot in the fridge."

"My kids don't like the taste of fruits and vegetables."

That's why there's BarleyLife® Xtra. It's a quick and easy way for kids and teenagers to get their fruits and veggies.

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