Are You Low on These Five B Vitamins?

Do you have low energy levels? 

Are you struggling with your workouts? 

Did you know exercising, especially high-intensity training, can deplete your body of B vitamins?

Your body needs B vitamins for energy and more. Low levels of this nutrient can hurt your performance.

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition:

"van der Beek et al, who depleted 24 healthy men of thiamine, riboflavin, and vitamin B-6 over an 11-wk metabolic feeding period found that vitamin depletion significantly decreased maximal work capacity (V̇O2max) by 12 percent, onset of blood lactate accumulation by 7 percent, oxygen consumption at onset of blood lactate accumulation by 12 percent, peak power by 9 percent, and mean power by 7 percent."

The paper also says athletes may need more B vitamins than less active people. Their findings indicated active people need more riboflavin, folate, B-6, B-12, and thiamine.

Anyone on a diet as well as people who do not eat healthy, could run the risk of being insufficient of B vitamins. This is especially true when combined with vigorous exercise.

P.S. High-intensity exercise can be good for your health. 

However, it can also increase inflammation, a risk factor of cardiovascular disease.