CalciAIM For The Missing Nutrients

If you're looking for a great-tasting nutritional supplement that contains some of the most commonly overlooked nutrients and vitamins, then CalciAIM may be the beverage for you.

Statistically, most people in the United States do not get enough calcium, magnesium and vitamin D.

However, CalciAIM contains all three in balanced amounts, as well as zinc, vitamin C and copper.

In addition to tasting great on its own, it mixes well with ProPeas or Peak Endurance.

P.S. Along with keeping teeth and bones healthy CalciAIM also promotes fat burning, reduces fat storage, supports hormonal balance as well as contributes to heart health.

In addition to calcium, each serving of CalciAIM provides vitamin D, magnesium and zinc - all necessary nutrients in order to fully absorb the calcium.

CalciAIM powder creates a ninety-eight percent absorbable calcium drink - unlike caplets and tablets, which are only twenty to thirty percent absorbable.