BarleyLife Xtra for Weight Management

A study out of a Canada, published in the journal Obesity, found oligofructose (aka fructooligosaccharide) may help with weight management.

The researchers put two groups of rats on a strict high-fat, high-sugar diet. One group was also fed oligofructose.

The rats consuming oligofructose gained one-third less weight, than the rats not given supplements.

The scientists believe oligofructose has prebiotic qualities, which helped to control the hunger-inducing hormones in the rats.

This is not the first study on oligofructose and weight loss. In 2009, research on humans found adults who supplemented with oligofructose lost about 2.2 pounds (one kilogram), on average, over the course of twelve weeks.

Source: Medical Xpress

BarleyLife Xtra contains a half-gram of oligofructose from chicory in every serving.

P.S. BarleyLife Xtra is a quick and easy way to get the nutrients you need for good health. 

It combines 18 fruits and vegetables with young barley grass, one of the most nutritious plants on earth.

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