"No more Cocoa Puffs!!"

"This morning I fixed a chocolate shake for breakfast. I've never been able to enjoy all the greasy breakfast foods early in the morning. My stomach is not prepared for that till around noon! But today, I fixed a chocolate shake.

Recipe: A healthy milk for your base: 1 rounded tsp. of Cocoa Leaf Greens, 1/4 of frozen banana, coconut stevia to sweeten, 1 heaping scoop of Pro Peas: It was fabulous!! I feel like I’ve had a full course breakfast, without the grease and carbs!

Love it…even children like the flavor of these new Cocoa Leaf Greens….Cocoa (without the added ingredients) is full of minerals that we need…that's why women crave chocolate….why not get it in a healthy way? No more Cocoa Puffs!! Be healthy, live healthy, think healthy….and be happy!!" - Cindy Ponchot, Lebanon, Ohio

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