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"Other kids are always getting sick and we rarely do."

Matthew Day, 16, of Peyton, Colorado, understands first-hand the value of concentrated nutrition.

"My family started using BarleyLife when I was one years old, so I don't ever remember not taking it.

We started using FloraFood when I was about ten, because Mom thought it would work well, along with the barley juice, to keep us kids from getting sick.

I took these two supplements when I was younger because I was told to do so. But now that I'm older, I see the difference between us and other kids, as far as how often they get sick and we don't.

It seems like other kids are always getting sick and we rarely do. If we do get sick, we get over it in a short time compared to other kids.

I'm too busy to get sick, so every morning I take my BarleyLife and FloraFood." - Matthew Day, Peyton, Colorado

P.S. BarleyLife® and FloraFood® are for people who believe nutrition matters. Does that sound like you?

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