Composure - A Natural Sleep Aid and Stress Reliever

Some sleep aids will impair your ability to perform certain activities the next day, especially your ability to drive.

So why not choose Composure as another option?

The herbal formula of Composure provides a natural answer for relieving stress and putting your mind at ease for a good night’s sleep.

The herbs selected for the Composure formula were carefully chosen.

For example, the choice of passionflower was based on a long history of documented use to relieve muscle tension and calm anxiety, which contributes to you sleeping well at night.

"Some people do experience sleepyness when taking Composure, while others state it helps them to relax and helps them sleep. I think most people that have trouble sleeping also have issues with stress and Composure can assist those dealing with stress." - Phillip Jermann, Biologist, The AIM Companies

Make your sleep aid a natural aid and feel great the next morning. Try Composure for a natural sleep aid and stress reliever.