"You're the luckiest man alive."

"I met my best friend in high school, when I was a sophomore. For all these many years, we have stayed in touch and see each other when we can. He knows what I am doing; I know what he is up to. But we never talked about our health - that is, until the fall of 2009.

Then my friend, who had survived being a gunship helicopter pilot in Vietnam, began to suffer from severe stomach problems, which sent him to the doctor. In the course of a thorough examination, it was found he not only had a complicated hiatal hernia and a probable cancer in his stomach, but the worst news was he had throat cancer. Last, but not least, his high blood pressure was another concern.

His doctors told him surgery was necessary - first for the throat, then the stomach, and if those went well - for the hernia. A family meeting with the lead surgeon produced sobering news: he had 50/50 odds of surviving all of it and the recovery regimen was not going to be pleasant. My friend says the x-rays of his throat looked like the inside of a rusty sewer pipe.

The doctors felt this was such an urgent situation, they scheduled his first surgery for early December. He decided to postpone it, fearing he had been given a death sentence and, if so, he wanted to spend one more holiday season with his wife, four children and grandchildren.

When he told me what he was facing, I responded that I knew of some products that might help - they sure could not hurt. 

"Why not, I have nothing to lose," he said. 

So he began taking BarleyLife Xtra two to three times a day and Herbal Fiberblend occasionally. These products were started December 8th.

The last of January he went back to the throat surgeon for a pre-surgical exam. The surgeon was amazed. His throat was completely clear, except for a single nodule that proved to be benign. The before and after x-rays did not look like they belonged to the same person, my friend said.

So he was sent off to the stomach surgeon. That surgeon, as well, was stunned. His stomach had cleared. Both surgeons scheduled another full set of tests just to be sure. The tests came back with the same result - his throat and stomach were fine. 

One surgeon told him, "You're the luckiest man alive." 

He was asked what he had been doing to improve his health - he produced an empty canister of BarleyLife Xtra. Until that point, he had not said anything about his change in diet, other than he had quit drinking cola products.

Then a few weeks later, it was back for another test to see what could be done with the hernia. The result - no surgery. The hernia had healed by fifty percent, so no need to put him through the unpleasant hiatal hernia surgery. Another piece of good news was that for the first time in years, his blood pressure was normal.

If I had not been employed by The AIM Companies, I likely would have never heard of BarleyLife Xtra and Herbal Fiberblend. But I was an AIM vice president for four years and I became a great believer in our mission and our products. And on a most personal level, I was able to help my friend.

I visited him in his home over the July 4th weekend, in 2010. It was fun to look back at our times together. But it was more fun to see him looking to the times ahead." - Rick Coffman, former Vice President of The AIM Companies

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