BarleyLife - No Competition

Three brands in the green retail marketplace are "Pines", "Greens +" and "Kyogreens." 

These three competitors are essentially whole leaf products, which are made by harvesting leaves, dehydrating them and grinding them into a fine powder.

About one-third of these whole leaf products are indigestible, insoluble cellulose fiber. Many of the nutrients are locked within the fiber, where your body cannot get to them. 

Members of The AIM Companies know it is vital you consume juice powders like BarleyLife to get the optimal nutrition from plants.

A typical leaf contains about 70 percent water. When a whole leaf product is dried, it's reduced to about a third of its original weight. 

In other words, three pounds of fresh leaves equals one pound of dried whole leaf powder.

It takes eleven pounds of barley leaves to make one pound of BarleyLife.

AIM consumes 3.5 to 14.5 times more leaves in the manufacturing of BarleyLife, as compared to whole leaf powders, yet their prices are comparable.

The AIM Companies harvests about two million pounds of barley leaves each year. After they squeeze the juice out of those leaves, they have about 650,000 pounds of insoluble leaf fiber left over.

They do not throw away that fiber. Instead, they practice sustainable farming, by using this fiber for livestock silage and composting. It ends up back in the barley fields for fertilizer.

On the other hand, competitors include all of this indigestible fiber in their finished product. This dilutes the nutritional content and makes it difficult to digest and absorb the remaining nutrients.

Most supplements from other companies contain fiber because it's a cheap filler. You end up getting less of the expensive ingredients (the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, probiotics, etc.)

On the other hand, because BarleyLife does not have fillers, you are getting nothing but pure, concentrated nutrition.

Why settle for less?

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