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Do Vitamins Boost Brain Power?

There is something you can take right now to get your brain going. It's something you should be taking every day - your daily vitamins.

A series of new studies in the British Journal of Nutrition, Psychopharmacology and Human Psychopharmacology finds that vitamins can boost your brain power.

If you're not taking anything now, it's not too late to start because the benefits begin almost immediately.

In one of the studies, researchers found that women given multivitamin and mineral supplements improved in both accuracy and speed on multitasking tests. Children between the ages of eight and fourteen showed better accuracy in tests that require attention.

And for men, a B complex was enough to boost their scores on cognitive tests and improve their mental energy so they weren't worn out at the end of those tests. (By the way, B vitamins also protect against dementia.)

So whether you're interested in long-term brain protection or just want a boost for Words with Friends, follow mom's advice - and don't forget to take your vitamins.