The Most Nutritious Plant on Earth?

When The AIM Companies says BarleyLife and BarleyLife Xtra are made from the most nutritious plant on earth, it's not the same as someone saying they make "The World's Best Sandwich." 

Because they're simply promoting an ordinary sandwich with a fancy name. AIM is selling a unique, nutritional supplement with the evidence to back it up.

Let’s look at the nutritional profiles of three popular superfoods: quinoa, blueberries and kale.

Quinoa contains: (serving size 1 cup) 170 g
  • 8 percent Calcium
  • 43 percent Iron
  • 40 percent Vitamin B-6
  • 83 percent Magnesium

Blueberries Contain: (serving size 1 cup) 148 g

  • 1 percent Vitamin A
  • 24 percent Vitamin C
  • 2 percent Iron
  • 5 percent Vitamin B-6
  • 2 percent Magnesium

Kale Contains: (Serving Size 1 Cup) 67 g

  • 133 percent Vitamin A
  • 10 percent Calcium
  • 134 percent Vitamin C
  • 5 percent Iron
  • 10 percent Vitamin B-6
  • 7 percent Magnesium

    BarleyLife Contains: (Serving Size 1 Teaspoon) 4 g

    Most superfoods contain two or three major nutrients, as well as a few side nutrients. BarleyLife® also has two major nutrients. However, it also has sixteen side nutrients. More importantly, you get all of it in just four grams of powder.

    You have to eat 67 grams of kale to get the amounts listed in BarleyLife. When talking about the most nutritious food in the world, we’re talking density here. If you consumed 67 g of BarleyLife (which I’m not advocating), you could multiply every nutrient by 17, or in the case of kale, 42.5. 

    Because BarleyLife is so nutritionally dense, for only 45 calories, two or three servings per day gives you a wide variety of nutrients. That means BarleyLife is the ideal juice powder to add to any healthy diet. Are you getting one hundred percent of each necessary nutrient per day?

    Amino Acids

    Furthermore, BarleyLife contains substantial amounts of amino acids, especially for a grass. Compare 8 g of BarleyLife to 67 g of kale, 185 g of cooked quinoa and 148 g of blueberries. This amino acid analysis was done ten years ago. Quality Assurance from The AIM Companies says the latest formulation of BarleyLife has much greater potency, but let's use this old list for now.

    Two scoops of BarleyLife contains competitive amounts of amino acids and more. Cooked quinoa, 185 grams of it, may have more amino acids than BarleyLife. However, it has many more calories (222) and you'll to eat much more of it.

    BarleyLife is the Mighty Mouse of food. It comes in small servings, you don't need to consume much of it and it packs a wallop.

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