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More Energy After Her Morning Jogs

"I've always exercised in the morning to get my day going. In October of 2005, I changed my cardio exercise to running three to four times per week. I run about 3.3 miles.

Before Peak Endurance, on the days that I ran, instead of feeling invigorated afterward I would actually feel more tired and sore. When Peak Endurance was introduced, I immediately purchased a canister and started taking it after my morning run. What a difference!

Right after I run, I take a full scoop in about 12-16 ounces of water. After taking Peak Endurance three or four times, I noticed I was no longer dragging on the days that I ran. I have energy and feel great after I exercise and throughout the whole day. It balances the pH of my body’s system and restores the electrolytes I lose while running. It is definitely more fun to exercise knowing I will feel great when I am done!" - Jill Schneider, Pomfret Center, Connecticut

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