A Natural Way to Sleep Better

Before Marlys Proehl found Cell Wellness Restorer, she would typically wake up two to three times during the night. She rarely got a good night's sleep. Things are much different now.

Marlys is from Dunda, Minnesota. She received a free bottle of Cell Wellness Restorer in her product order during AIM’s holiday season. 

She has been a regular user ever since. 

The Cell Wellness Restorer, Marlys says, has made a world of difference in her sleep habits.

Before bedtime each night, she applies the Cell Wellness Restorer topically and then follows the topical application with a shower. 

The results have an immediate impact. 

Since adding Cell Wellness Restorer to her regimen, Marlys no longer wakes up during the night. 

In fact, she sleeps so soundly she says she doesn't even think she moves during the night.

Cell Wellness Restorer contains a collection of minerals and elements that create a relaxing, soothing spa-like experience. The magnesium in Cell Wellness Restorer helps promote production of DHEA, a stress-relief hormone that depletes with age.

Maybe Cell Wellness Restorer can help you sleep better too. 

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This testimonial cannot be construed as representing results everybody can achieve. Cell Wellness Restorer™ is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.