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How To Win Against Obesity

Two out of three Americans overweight or obese. Most people know if they want to transform our bodies, they need to eat healthy and exercise. Yet roughly five percent succeed at it.

Why such a horrible failure rate?

In my humble opinion, it's the "machine" you face everyday.

This machine never gets tired. It never goes away. And it never gives up.

The machine only has one job:

Convince you to do the opposite of what's best for your long term health and

Sometimes the machine is clever and will try to trick you. It will tell you manufactured
foods are good for you.

Sometimes the machine flat out lies. It will tell you diet products work.

And sometimes the machine tries to convince you unhealthy choices are no big deal- so it
makes consuming things like soda and energy drinks look fun or exciting.

I believe most people fail here not because they eat too much natural food, they fail
because they can't counter the effects of all the manufactured foods the machine
convinces them to buy.

How do you beat something unbeatable?

You refuse to play.

Deepak Chopra said in The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, when you are constantly
classifying, labeling, and evaluating, you "create a lot of turbulence in your internal

What he's saying is this: See things as they are, not how you think they are or wish them
to be.

In other words, stop getting into mental battles with the the machine. Stop trying to
convince yourself unhealthy choices are no big deal, or okay occasionally, or a special
reward that's somehow deserved for good behavior.

See choices in black or white. They are good for you- or they are not.

Please note I'm not telling you where to draw the good or bad line, that's for you to
decide. All I can tell you is the more honest you are with yourself, the better your body,
life, and future will be.

That's because honesty, especially with oneself, makes every decision an easy one.

In other words, when you refuse to play the "make an exception" game with the machine,
you win.

Not only do you win with a healthier body and life, but you win by getting rid of the
"internal turbulence."

Is getting honest with yourself- and no longer mentally battling the machine "worth it?"

A mind full of internal arguments, justifications, and conflict... or incredible clarity.

Enslaved to the machine... or free.

It's your choice.