The SORAC Values of BarleyLife

The improved BarleyLife has a number of big-time benefits, including better taste, more nutrients and more barley servings for your dollar. Everywhere you look, this barley is better.

One area in particular that saw a boost from new barley was the antioxidant (cancer fighters) value for superoxide dismutase. (SOD)

This technical term may sound complicated, but its benefits to your body are as clear as day. Here is how the superoxide dismutase in BarleyLife and BarleyLife Xtra makes a big difference in your health.

Free radicals are widely known as the bad guys of the body. They come in many shapes and sizes, including superoxide, a free radical produced by breathing. 

The superoxide molecule is similar to a normal oxygen molecule, except it has one extra electron. 

As it moves through the body, superoxide tries to give away this extra electron, causing imbalance among the cells. This ultimately leads to disease.

To stop this molecule from wreaking havoc, your body relies on antioxidants (cancer fighters) to prevent the damage by superoxide. 

One of these antioxidants is superoxide dismutase. (SOD)

The superoxide dismutase enzyme has minerals that accept the extra electron of superoxide. This allows the formerly dangerous free radical to return to a balanced oxygem molecule.

The reaction of superoxide dismutase to superoxide is unlimited, so a single superoxide dismutase enzyme can interact with thousands of different superoxide molecules in its lifetime. 

Superoxide dismutase is 3,500 times more efficient at counteracting superoxide than vitamin C.

Where does the superoxide dismutase come from? 

Superoxide dismutase is produced by your body and occurs naturally in BarleyLife, along with other antioxidants (cancer fighters). 

A test method for superoxide dismutase called superoxide radical scavenging capacity (SORAC) reports a 972 value per serving of BarleyLife. This is significantly greater than the SORAC values of onions, apples and cherries.

So now you know why the young barley plants in BarleyLife and BarleyLife Xtra are considered one of the richest sources of nutrition on earth.

Note: Not all barley juice products contain superoxide dismutase. 

Most superoxide dismutase on the market is extracted from the liver of cattle.

BarleyLife also contains DIGI and P4D1, which make superoxide dismutase even more effective in fighting disease and the aging process.

Scientists have directly linked the aging process to decreasing amounts of the superoxide dismutase enzyme in the body. 

They have also found by increasing the amount of superoxide dismutase, your body will more quickly repair itself.

Superoxide dismutase also acts as an anti-inflammatory enzyme as well as a cancer preventive enzyme. BarleyLife is rich in superoxide dismutase, one of the best available sources.

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