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Does Wheat Consumption Promote Aging?

Not only can wheat consumption promote obesity, but it seems it can also cause accelerated aging.

"Diabetes is the perfect example of accelerated aging. A high carbohydrate diet causing elevated blood glucose levels leads to a process called glycation. Glycation occurs when a sugar group attaches onto a protein within the body, leading to the formation of an Advanced Glycation Endproduct or AGE. This can occur in the arteries, eyes, kidneys, skin, liver, nerves, and virtually anywhere in the body. Everyone has some AGEs, but high levels are a sign of accelerated aging. AGEs lead to degenerative conditions such as cataracts, dementia, kidney disease, clogged arteries, saggy/wrinkled skin, and arthritis. Once formed, AGEs are irreversible, but changes can be made to slow AGE production." - Dr. Ayla Wilson (Read the full article here.)

With so much evidence to the contrary, why would anyone continue to eat a Frankenfood like wheat?