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What's Wrong with "Natural" Supplements?

Natural is not the same as whole-food based.

There is no FDA definition of "natural." Many, many products are labeled "natural" and are useless or even harmful to consumers. Even worse, the FDA will leave it undefined for the time being. This is a problem for everyone using the term to label their products:
"A lack of a uniform approach to the [natural] term has resulted in inconsistent product claims, consumer confusion, and even lawsuits against food companies accused of misleading consumers." - Lorraine Heller,
The trouble with "natural" is a company can start with a natural source, like a plant, then heat it so much the enzymes die. They can also add chemicals or other artificial ingredients and still call it "natural." That's why the word has no meaning.

Supplements only have to be ten percent natural in order to legally make this claim. That's why more than ninety-five percent of all vitamins sold today are synthetic.

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