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Four Foods To Avoid For Weight Loss

If you need to lose weight and want to do it as quickly as possible, you should avoid the following four foods foods:
  • Soy - This includes soy milk, soy protein isolate and tofu. These are essentially junk foods, with many of the same effects on your body as estrogen.
  • Wheat - Most people have some degree of wheat/gluten intolerance, which can cause you to feel yucky. Wheat also increase insulin production, which causes weight gain.
  • Soft Drinks or Juices - Soft Drinks are essentially pure sugar, contain High Fructose Corn Syrup and zero nutrition. It spikes your blood sugar, causing it to be out of whack, which causes food cravings.
  • Fried Foods - These foods are full of trans fats, which causes inflammation, cell membrane damage and more. Do you really need those chips or donuts?
So for the best results in your weight loss efforts, as well as overall health, you should always avoid these four foods.

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