To Lose Weight, Avoid Excessive Carbohydrates

The three worst culprits are sweetened drinks (sodas and fruits drinks), pasta and breads. While desserts are bad, they're not eaten in as high a volume as these three. 

How many people don't enjoy sliced breads, muffins, croissants, biscuits, rolls, etc.?

Breads are high on the glycemic index - a measure of how fast a carbohydrate is broken down and absorbed into the blood. 

The faster it enters the blood, the greater the secretion of insulin - the process that causes us to be hungry. Foods low on the index are absorbed more slowly.

Would you believe that white bread and potatoes are worse than sugar? Americans eat a ton of both with each meal.

Sodas and fruit juices (many of which have added sweeteners) are absorbed very rapidly because they are liquids. This makes them major culprits in the obesity epidemic. Remember, sodas and fruits juices account for 42 percent of all sugar consumed by Americans.

Drink purified water instead - either distilled water or filtered water free of fluoride. If you drink distilled water you will need to supplement with magnesium. Many people make a face when I tell them to drink water. They don’t realize that purified water tastes good, unlike the chlorinated tap water most people remember.

Also, if you must, eat only one slice of whole grain bread a day. Most commercial brands of bread contain a long list of additives, including soy products. Avoid them.

Avoid pasta, pastries, cookies and other carbohydrates.

As for fruits, they are high in sugar and will stimulate hunger. Yes, fruits are packed with a lot of good nutrition - but overall they will defeat your goals.

Your source of carbohydrates will be mainly vegetables. The greener the vegetables, the better.