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The Fat Head Formula For Obesity

Tom Naughton of Fat Head has a formula for obesity:

Refined Carbs = Excess Insulin = Fat Accumulation = Hunger = More Food Intake

He discusses this formula while examining the federal government's 2010 Dietary Guidelines. In a nutshell, the updated guidelines say we're fat because we consume too many calories and don't move around enough.

Yet as I've previously discussed, this formula leaves sincere people frustrated and just as fat as when they started, if not more so. (By the way, this weight loss method has just a 2% success rate.)

As Gary Taubes explains in Good Calories, Bad Calories, "saying fat people are fat because they eat too much is about as informative as saying alcoholics are alcoholics because they drink too much. It doesn't begin to explain why."

Naughton ends with, "We eat too much because we’re too hungry. And we’re too hungry because the federal government decided to tell us how to eat and helped turn us into a nation of carbohydrate addicts."

With almost seventy percent of all Americans either overweight or obese, why should we trust the government guidelines?