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A Rant from Perry Marshall

One conspiracy I do believe in is the conspiracy to suffocate you in paralyzing mental garbage and global negativity.

I don’t generally buy into conspiracy theories… but I do believe in cosmic episodes of stupidity and planned mass mediocrity.

The #1 conspiracy of the modern world is to choke your brain with sewage and kill your spirit with overwhelming feeling that you are small and insignificant and helpless.

I almost *never* watch the news. I figure if there’s something I absolutely have to know about, somebody will call me and tell me about it. That theory has worked pretty well so far.

But on Monday I was in a restaurant and CNN was on. Couldn't help but gawk at the endless parade of catastrophes.

I know that CNN is "normal" to most "normal" people. But don't forget, most normal people accomplish fairly little in their 70+ trips around the sun. Those of us who are going somewhere in life have better things to do than listen to relentless droning about 147 tragedies that we have no ability to solve.

Right now, especially with the Gulf oil spill, the world is AWASH in negativity.

You as an entrepreneur MUST fight this. Proactively. Because if you don't it'll kill your business, kill your sales, kill your dreams and everything you really care about.

Watching CNN while you eat breakfast is like visiting a cholera epidemic at a refugee camp and letting sick people drool on you. Then changing their bedpans and rubbing your eyes and licking your hands.

Listen up: The mass news media is NOT your friend.

They exist for the purpose of selling you fear, paranoia, and prescription drugs.

Not only must you protect yourself from the constant, incessant paralysis of depression, you need to combat it with your customers.

You need to tell them what’s GOOD. You need to greet them with a smile and with encouragement.

You need to talk about what's HAPPENING.

You need to celebrate little tiny victories EVERY SINGLE DAY. (More on that at

And when you have a major victory in your life, you need to telegraph it to encouraging people who will celebrate it with you. Because GOOD NEWS is NEWS INDEED.