How Dr. Heidi Dulay Stays Slim

Most do not know that as a kid, Dr. Heidi used to be a fat. It was so bad her friends called her 'Walking Ball.'

But today, at the time in her life when people say it's natural to gain weight, Dr. Heidi stays slim and energized. 

And she eats wonderful food and doesn't go hungry. (She is a size 7 to 8 and has been for years.)

She shows you three surprising things that are likely interfering with that weight loss:

1. Five "bad" good foods. Good as in has nutrition, bad because it interferes with weight loss.

2. Non-fat can make you fat. Who'd have guessed? She'll explain why.

3. "I can't drink enough water!" If that's you, Dr. Heidi will explain what she does each day. (Drinking all that water isn't her favorite thing either.)

Do you want to lose weight and keep it off?

What if you learn something that helps you drop 17 pounds in the next thirty days?

And get your old energy back?