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Meat Lovers: Buy Healthy Meats

Meat lovers: Here's how to buy meat that won't make you fat, sick or tired.

From now on, when you shop, always ask for 100 percent grass-fed beef.

Because regular (a.k.a industrial feedlot) beef makes you fat. And gives you high risk of heart disease.

The regular fare has much more fat than grass-fed. And the kind of fat in it is the bad fat. Much more Omega 6's than are healthy, verses the good fat Omega 3 and CLA.

Not because of the animals themselves. But because of what they're fed and the shots they're given. (Feed - corn and soy, plus shoot them up with antibiotics - they get sick eating corn and soy instead of grass - and growth hormones. So they grow faster than they're supposed to.)

One 100 percent Grass Fed farmer describes it here.

Good fats help you lose weight, build muscle, and they're good for your heart.

If you are putting on the pounds and you love meat, insist on 100 percent grass-fed. Most health super markets carry it. Even some of the traditional supermarkets are getting in on the act.

If you need another reference for 100 percent grass-fed meat, read Michael Pollan's best selling book on this topic, Omnivore's Dilemma.