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One Way To Reduce The Cost of Health Care

Is there a cure for the skyrocketing cost of health care?

Is it possible for all Americans to get coverage, while at the same time dramatically lowering costs?

Well Steven Burd, the CEO of Safeway and the founder of the Coalition to Advance Healthcare Reform, believes it can be done. And in this article in the Wall Street Journal, he discusses how.

The key, according to Burd, is a health-care plan that rewards healthy behavior.

A good analogy, says Burd, is car insurance. The government already mandates all drivers have auto insurance. If you're a good driver, you have no points and your insurance payments are low. If you're a bad driver, you have more points, and your car insurance costs more.

Why wouldn't the same thing work for health insurance companies?
"At Safeway we believe that well-designed health-care reform, utilizing market-based solutions, can ultimately reduce our nation's health-care bill by 40%."
They've done it at Safeway. Why can't the same thing be done nationwide?

All I know is, something needs to be done, and fast. Otherwise, according to Burd, American companies will be less competitive in the global marketplace, our taxes will continue to increase, and our economy will keep heading south.