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Celebrating Christmas

Celebrating Christmas
by Chip Brogdan

Question: I would like your thoughts on the celebration of Christmas. It bothers me in my spirit, for I cannot find any scriptural basis for it. Is it me or is it the Holy Spirit telling me? What do you believe? Is it strictly a pagan celebration?
Answer: I can tell you with all sincerity that the celebration of Christmas has no affect whatsoever on my spiritual life in Christ. As long as you do not bow down and worship the Christmas tree, I would not consider your celebration of Christmas to be pagan.

Spiritual life is not determined by holy days or what we do or don't do at certain times of the year. If you honor the Lord with it then it is fine; if not that is fine too.

Since most of the neighbors who don't know Jesus celebrate Christmas and they have some dim idea that it has something to do with Jesus being born, then use it to your advantage and lead them to a more accurate knowledge of Christ. But don't get fixated on this issue. There are many more important things to concentrate on that do make a difference in your spiritual life: walking with God, abiding in Christ, seeking the Kingdom. That's the example you'll want to set for your children: what you stand for, not what you stand against.
Many people believe it is wrong to celebrate Christmas. Still others say there is too much commercialization of the holiday season, with the emphasis being on shopping and presents, rather than the birth of Jesus.

What do you say?