Health Myth: I Eat Healthy, So I'm Getting All The Nutrients I Need

"The well-nourished American is a myth. Despite the high level of education and the abundance of available food, many people make poor food choices and are badly nourished. The average human diet, nutritionally unfit for rats, must be equally unsatisfactory or even more so in meeting human needs." - Dr. Carl Pfeiffer, M.D., Ph.D.

What is healthy eating?

Fifty to a hundred years ago, it was pretty much assumed that most people consumed a healthy diet. 

Today, most experts say it is extremely difficult to get proper nutrition from foods. 

'Fast foods' are not the only culprit. 

Besides, most people do not get the recommended daily intake of nine to twelve fresh fruits and vegetables.

Those that do eat right are consuming foods that are usually picked before they are ripe and are often prepared in a way that destroys most of their nutritional value. 

Much of the food that you eat is grown on land that has been farmed for many years. 

Man-made fertilizers can make fruits and vegetables look good, but the four to five trace elements that should be in the plant are missing because they have not been added back to the soil.

Our problems started with the Industrial Revolution as people moved off farms and into cities to work in factories. 

The challenge to feed all of these people led to the birth of commercial farming and the processed food industry. 

This led to a dramatic reduction in the nutritional content of our foods, as well as a significant increase in their toxic content. 

The problem is so bad that in 1998 the National Academy of Sciences announced that even those who eat lots of fruit and vegetables are not getting all the vitamins they need for good health. 

Supplements have become a necessity.

The current methods used to grow and get produce from farms to supermarkets creates food that doesn’t have much nutritional value. 

Commercial farming depletes soils of essential minerals. 

Crops are often harvested before they're ready and stored for long periods of time. 

More harm is done in order to give the produce longer shelf life, better taste, and a healthy appearance. 

The end result? 

Fruits and vegetables that look and taste good, but have very little nutrition. So your 'balanced diet' is robbed of many vitamins and minerals that you believe you're consuming.

Too little of our food - virtually none for many people - is eaten raw. Cooking damages the nutritional value of most foods. Some cooking methods, particularly those that use high heat, create powerful mutagens and carcinogens.

Most people are trying to achieve the impossible - maintain health while eating a diet that does not support health. 

Although our stomachs may be full, malnutrition is our leading cause of disease. We're starving on a full stomach. 

You are indeed what you eat. The four worst food choices - sugar, white flour, processed oils, and inorganic milk products, as well as the thousands of products containing these foods, make up most of the average American diet and are devastating to your health.