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Take The Mystery Out of Sickness and Disease

Let us take the mystery out of disease by presenting a different idea about sickness: There are not thousands of diseases, but only one disease, the malfunction of cells. 

They are given different names, like arthritis, cancer or heart disease. 

If the cells that make up your body are healthy, then you are healthy. If your cells are sick, then you are sick. 

The key is to put the good nutrition in your body and keep the bad toxins out and disease is less likely to happen.

Disease is not a random event, it is a process. 

Your health is determined by what you are willing to do for yourself. It is your responsibility. 

Rather than being a game of chance, health is a choice. 

The daily choices you make directly impacts the health of your cells. 

When you make wrong choices and your health declines, you have been taught to blame genetics, germs, the aging process, or just plain bad luck, instead of poor nutrition. 

Remember, disease is simply the deterioration of the cell.

At about two months of age, your body has all the cells it will ever get, somewhere around one hundred trillion of them. 

For the rest of your life, your body will not produce any additional cells, only replace the old cells. In addition, your cells are constantly in the process of dying and being replaced at the rate of three hundred million per minute.

So every four weeks, your entire outer layer of skin is replaced. Every two months, practically every cell in your heart muscle is rebuilt. 

Within two to three years, your entire bone structure is replaced. So every two to three years, every cell in your body is replaced with a new cell. 

In other words, you will have a totally new body.

The question is, what kind of body will it be? 

Will your new body be weaker or stronger than the one you have today? 

It is up to you. 

Because as your old cells die and are replaced, your new cells depend totally upon the building materials you provide it - the foods you eat, the liquids you drink and the air you breathe.

Most people drive a car and know they must put good gasoline in the gas tank if it is going to run properly. 

If a low-grade fuel is used, the vehicle will ping and knock. If sugar is put in the gas tank, it will get a "disease" and destroy the engine. 


Because the engine was designed to run on a certain grade of fuel. Our car requires the proper grade of fuel in order to run properly and most people are careful to put in good fuel.

Well, your body is certainly more complex than an auto engine. It is designed to run on a certain grade of fuel also. If you give your body low-grade or the wrong fuel, it will get a "disease" and will not run properly either.

So make sure the needs of your cells are properly met. Then ultimately a new, healthy and strong body will be reproduced. 

You will have energy, physical strength and freedom from sickness.