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One Reason Why People Over Eat

One of the main reasons people eat too much is due to the lack of nutrition in the foods being consumed. 

Consequently, their cells are not being fed. So the brain continues to receive signals from the malnourished cells that the body is hungry, even though the stomach is full.

In other words, people are starving on a full stomach.

Nutritionist and author, Charlotte Gerson, says, "This lack of nutrition is leading us to extreme obesity, which has become an epidemic. Obesity is almost always nothing but hunger. The foods are so depleted of nutrition because they're damaged. They are processed and dead in cans and jars.

Therefore, the body is not getting nutrition and people are very hungry, even though they're full. They're not truly being nourished. They continually have hunger and eat more and more, but eat the wrong things, so they become obese. Yet they're still not nourished and they're still craving more food."

The answer is to eat "live" foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, that have all of the enzymes and nutrition intact. Foods cooked at temperatures over 120 degrees have almost zero nutrition - but all of the calories. This is what is meant by the term "dead food."

We are eating too much "dead food" and not enough "live food". This leads to obesity and all of the related health problems. Nutrition is more than making your hunger pains disappear.