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A Leading Cause of Disease

Our bodies are starving on a full stomach.

Nutrition is more than making your hunger pangs disappear. The average American diet simply does not support the biological needs of human cells. Our cells then weaken and deteriorate and we get sick.

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, less than one percent of the population gets the recommended daily serving of nine fruits and vegetables. 

This means that 99 percent of Americans are not getting the necessary vital nutrients. 

Yet, any level of malnutrition makes you susceptible to disease.

Most people drive a car and know they must put good gasoline in the gas tank if it's going to run properly. If a low-grade fuel is used, the vehicle will ping and knock. If sugar is put in the gas tank, it will get a "disease" and destroy the engine.


Because the engine was designed to run on a certain grade of fuel. Our car requires the proper grade of fuel in order to run properly and most people are careful to put in good fuel.

Your body is certainly more complex than an auto engine. It's designed to run on a certain grade of fuel also. 

If you give your body low-grade or the wrong fuel, it will get a "disease" and won't run properly either.