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What is Cancer?

Cancer is an extremely complex subject. 

There are many different forms of cancer. However, all forms involve the growth of abnormal cells.

Humans are made up of about one hundred trillion cells that continually replace themselves. Each cell has a set of genetic instructions in its center called DNA. This DNA controls cell growth, development and replication.

When the DNA gets damaged, it can replicate an altered (damaged) cell. When this altered or damaged cell replicates itself, this can become cancer.

It is proven free radicals damage DNA. Most scientists believe it is free radical damage to the DNA that begins many forms of cancer.

One of the most important roles antioxidants play in the body is to protect DNA from damage caused by free radicals.

In addition, particular antioxidants can actually repair damaged DNA before it replicates - if the antioxidants are present. 

The importance of maintaining proper antioxidant levels cannot be over emphasized.