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Who is Responsible for Your Health?

We live in a fallen world. 

Accidents kill four percent of us. 

Diseases kill ninety-six percent of us. 

Most of the diseases that kill us are preventable. Not curable - but preventable.

Health insurance costs are increasing in America at almost three times the rate of worker's income. 

Therefore nearly forty million people don't have health insurance.

This means the uninsured don't go for checkups, physicals and screenings that would detect preventable and curable diseases. 

Many times they don't see a doctor until they're coughing up blood or their spouse calls 911.

The first doctor they see is the one in the emergency room. Then they expect a miracle drug to cure them back from the doorway of death.

So who is responsible for your health?

You don't catch these diseases that kill ninety-six percent of us from a door knob, a toilet seat or another person. 

You cause these diseases by what you eat or don't eat.

How could it be anything else?