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Health Problems Caused by Grains

We're consuming too much bread, cereal, pasta, rice, and Little Debbie snack cakes, with consequences to our health.

A diet high in grains can cause problems such as an autoimmune response, provoking the body to attack itself and destroying healthy tissues, especially the villi in the small intestine.

This can cause problems such as chronic diarrhea, gas, bloating, reflux and constipation. Even a small amount of gluten can trigger a response.

That 65 percent of Americans are overweight and 27 percent clinically obese, in a nation addicted to sesame seed buns for that hamburger, with a side of French fries and a Coke, is no coincidence.

It is not the fat in the foods we eat, but the excess carbohydrates from a diet loaded with sugar and refined carbohydrates, that is making people fat and unhealthy, as well as leading to epidemic levels of a host of diseases such as diabetes.