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Why People Get Sick

Health begins at the cellular level. 

Our body has approximately one hundred trillion cells that must constantly be cleansed and replaced. 

Cells cannot properly cleanse or renew themselves when the body is full of toxins and has inadequate nutrients.

The only food that can truly be used to rebuild a healthy living cell is 'live' food, specifically raw fruits and vegetables. 

I'm not saying to never consume cooked food. But the further you remove yourself from the way God intended for us to live, the more likelihood you'll experience problems.

Americans are eating more and more processed foods. These 'foodless foods' are loaded with chemicals and preservatives and have hardly any nutritional value. 

At the same time, modern technology makes it easy to obtain this so-called food, so hardly any physical exercise is necessary to get it.

Most people take for granted if a food product is sold in stores, it must be safe to eat. This is hardly the truth. 

The average person also never associates their physical problems with what they eat or drink. So when a person gets sick, instead of changing their diet and lifestyle that caused the problem, they instead turn to prescription drugs offered by the medical profession.

Health cannot be restored by taking pharmaceutical drugs. 


Because drugs cannot rebuild the cells of the body. The body is a self-healing mechanism, but only when health principles are followed. 

For example, when you get a cut on your skin, you can watch as it slowly heals. The inside of your body heals itself much in the same way, but only when conditions are favorable for it to do so.

There are consequences to the food choices that we make. Sickness and disease are not inevitable. Ill health can essentially be prevented, but only if the cause is eliminated.