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Trigger Foods

Some food allergens can cause powerful and hard-to-control cravings. 

To avoid overeating and to rescue your health and your immune system, prevention is the key.

Here are a few signs to look for when identifying trigger foods in your diet:

  • You're hungrier after you start eating than before 
  • You're hungry less than an hour after a filling meal 
  • You can't get food off your mind 
  • You love to eat a certain food - usually carbohydrates (sugar, dairy, chocolate, etc.) 
  • You don't feel satisfied - though your stomach is full 
  • You feel like you could eat the house down 

Whenever you experience any of these symptoms, take a time out. Identify the food you ate that triggered the cravings. 

As quickly as you can, get that food out of your diet. Nothing is worth struggling with cravings. Keep a list of trigger foods and stay away from them.

Remember to write down your favorite foods as well - these are usually the most deceiving culprits.