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Tired of Being Sick and Tired

Maybe you're tired of being sick and tired. You've tried every diet known to man and you still struggle. Even during those occasional periods in your life when you’ve managed to lose weight, you've never truly made the transition of totally changing your personal habits. As a result, the same bad habits continue coming back, and with them the same obesity and poor health – only it keeps getting worse. More weight gain and poorer health as a result.

A focus on weight loss will most likely lead to failure. Instead, your focus needs to be on actual health and fitness. With permanent health and fitness, the weight loss will be a byproduct of eating right and exercise. In other words, the weight will take care of itself! You'll also be free from being a slave to what you eat.

You know that reducing calories and increasing physical activity will result in weight loss. The big issue, though, is not what to do but how to do it. The ultimate goal is to make the changes a permanent lifestyle.