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The Plan B Diet

The Plan B Diet is based on three foundations: Basic, Bible, and Balanced.

Developed by Greg and Judy Westbrook over the course of thirty years, it is designed to help people get completely over their lifelong struggles with weight and health so they can go on to fulfill their greatest purpose in life.

Basic - Basic means simple and unprocessed. The closer our food is to the way God originally created it, the better it is for your body. On the Plan B Diet, processed foods with long ingredient labels, full of technical names are traded for simple, whole foods. For example, an apple is a basic food, while white bread with sugar and additives is not. Remember: Bad foods come from the lab; good foods come from the land.

Bible - Our diet should line up with what the Bible says is best to eat. People have a lot of good ideas, but God has the answers. We can find the answers for diet, health and every area of our lives in the Bible.

Balanced - Our diet should include a balanced variety of basic whole foods. It’s common to try all sorts of diets and extremes, but what works in the long-term is a balance and variety of whole, pure "basic" foods.

Source: The Plan B Diet by Greg Westbrook