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It's More Than A Few Extra Pounds

Excess weight and obesity are reaching more and more Americans each year as millions of us struggle with overweight problems. 

It's nondiscriminatory, affecting young and old, male and female, black and white.

Overweight problems remain unsolved by numerous diet plans, diet pills, diet foods and drinks, surgeries, motivational courses and counseling. 

In spite of many avenues for weight loss, this problem is epidemic, as obesity has become the third leading cause of death and disability of Americans, right behind heart disease and cancer.

Obesity is defined as one being 20 percent over their ideal weight. 

That means a person with an ideal weight of 120 pounds would be considered obese at 150 pounds. 

Since 1991, obesity in America has risen 60 percent, with 6 million children now seriously overweight. 

A forty-five year old person carrying an extra 25 pounds. will shorten his life-span by 25 percent. 

So I guess the saying "The longer the belt, the shorter the life" tends to hold true statistically.

This information is designed to give the people a firm understanding about health and weight loss, providing answers to those who have struggled with excess weight for many years.

Because the weight loss industry is big business, there's a lot of deception out there. This makes it difficult, if not impossible, to make proper food choices, not only for optimal health, but for weight loss as well. 

For instance, many have turned to diet drinks and diet foods as their answer to weight loss. But the sad reality is those very foods contain additives that actually stimulate a greater appetite, ultimately causing an increase in weight, rather than a decrease.

Knowledge of the truth gives strength and power to those who apply it. But sadly, so many go through life without this key ingredient.

Could you imagine asking someone for directions to a certain destination and they gave you wrong or incomplete instructions? 

What would it be like trying to find a location with an inaccurate map? 

I can't imagine anything more frustrating. Just imagine the intense frustration of those who have begun their journey to weight loss, only to end up down the road heavier than when they began their journey.

This information will provide an avenue of success for those who have struggled to make their correct eating habits work for themselves, as well as those who simply want to improve their health and add more energy to their daily lives.

  • Diabetes is four times more common in obese people than in lean adults. 
  • Mortality increases with weight gain 
  • The frequency of arthritis increases with an increase in weight 
  • 97 million U.S. adults struggle with weight problems and pose a major public health challenge
  • Heart specialists say everyone over the age of thirty has some form of heart disease 
  • Autopsies indicate every child over the age of four already has the beginning signs that lead to heart problems 
  • Infant mortality rates are far higher for babies born to obese mothers 
  • Obese teenagers have a life expectancy fifteen years shorter than teenagers of normal weight
  • Constipation is a national disease 
  • Obesity is a significant co-factor in all degenerative diseases that kill and cripple modern man
  • In 1900, 20 percent of the population suffered from a chronic degenerative disease 
  • In 1990, 75 percent of the population suffered from a chronic degenerative disease 

Degenerative diseases include: heart disease, stroke, certain types of cancer, osteoporosis, gallbladder disease, arthritis and gout, diabetes, cavities in the teeth, ulcerative colitis, kidney stones, gastrointestinal problems, varicose veins and hemorrhoids, diverticulitis and prostate gland problems.

Source: The Plan B Diet by Greg Westbrook